I can’t fill my washer with the lid open, so I put the cloth in and start the cycle, when the water is above the cloth, I add bleach diluted in a big pail. You basically follow the exact same method as above, with a few differences. Yes… a foot, and a half. But no blog I consulted or place I researched mentioned this. Are your drop cloths 100% cotton , others don’t think bleach as well . I purchased two drop cloths at Home Depot and I will follow your tips on bleaching and washing them,however I have some concerns. Do you still use the Chicago canvas drop cloths? I tried someone’s idea of sanitizing in the machine but that failed me too. Definitely want to sew each seam one at a time. Canvas has been one if my favorite fabrics for years. Put one half of the drop cloth piece into the washer, put it on hot, and set it on the largest size load setting. Thanks Lisa for sharing all your wonderful projects and tips with us =). It just takes way more of both than you would think. Is the Amazon link to the drop cloth the exact one you bleached? All that’s left to do is to re-stuff your covers back on your couch cushions again. Honestly? Wash in hot water using a good detergent and ¾ cup Clorox® Regular Bleach 2. Just found your website and read through all the comments and advice. Thank you! You can get a lifetime supply on amazon for $5-10. ZNSAYOTX Luxury Velvet Couch Cover 3 Piece Stretch Sofa Covers for 2 Cushion Couch Soft Loveseat Slipcover Living Room Anti Slip Dogs Pet Love Seat Furnitre Protector (White, Loveseat) 4.2 out of 5 stars 159. I have wanted to try bleaching a drop cloth, but I have a front loading washer. Using only the best materials, our covers are lightweight, sturdy and durable. The dropcloths I used are not the ones as Lisa’s. So… no need to virtue signal for all the Karen’s. of Synthrapol detergent per pound of fabric. The drop cloth really has to be coaxed along to change color. Add covers to washer and agitate for 40 minutes. I have some drop cloth curtains I made several years ago, and decided to take them down and use them for actual dropcloths as we are painting our way through our entire house. I made the pillow insert for the IKEA tea towel pillows with bleached drop cloth. But thanks for this tutorial/information, it did help – and maybe my info can help someone else. Do I need to get Oooooh…suddenly things started to make sense! How long did you let it soak and did you repeat? I hope you stop by often! To do this, I add 2 cups of bleach at a time to a plastic pitcher and then top it off with hot water. Double check that the finish on your tub is safe to interact with bleach. Oh no! Once I put the sofa and cushion covers on, I wondered how to finish the bottom edges of the slipcover. Made-to-measure sofa covers will take longer as production can only proceed after measurements are finalised. I purchased the dropcloth form the link you have. Now THAT is pollution in your drinking water! I love your blog. Water treatment plants use much more than,that amount of bleach. You don’t have to hang around the Pinterest DIY scene for very long to find out that drop cloth is a star player in the upholstery, slipcover, curtain and pillow making game. Do you have any tips for stubborn drop clothes that just won’t bleach out? But neither had lightened at all. Definitely want to sew each seam one at a time. If something spills throw them in the wash. Love love love this tip! Thanks! The brand really matters. Keep your sofa safe and secure with this comfortable and desirable Surefit Ardor 2 Seater Sofa Cover! I figured it out after several complaints of cloths not turning white. Are they a nice off-white? Whether it's from the perspective of protecting the sofa or changing the style of your home, our sofa covers can meet your requirements. Finding beauty in our everyday life in the farmhouse, February 23, 2017 · Projects, Sewing. Love your slipcovers! Let me share my tips with you! I think this was a bit more than needed as the fabric is fragile now. Hello, Ok, I’m giving up! At least in my experience! HELP! I learn so much from you guys and your comments! I love the curtains in this post!!! Hi, does anyone have a problem with their dropcloth getting little balls after they bleached their cloth? I don’t know if perhaps the seller accidentally shipped me the wrong item (though the packaging looks like the picture on Amazon), OR if these are no longer made with 100% cotton? Hey Lisa! I may love the look…and the price, but it’s not the best choice if you care about your footprint. I have never done that, but it might be a good idea. I used the brand suggested, cut it in half, used 8 cups of bleach for 6 hours, finished the wash and then used 8 more cups for an additional 8 hours. Now I just read that large amounts of bleach can throw your septic tank out of balance, So I’ll need to buy a treatment to add bacteria in to replace all the stuff that was killed by the bleach. Just the same as it’s their own responsibility to check what fabric their drop cloth is. Best Couch Covers & Sofa Slipcovers (Updated Review List) I’ve extensively reviewed the most popular slipcovers online and came up with the top 11. Do you think that might be the issue? I should totally add to my post the disclaimer that only the drop cloth I use will do it! Hi Everyone!Today I am sharing my tips on faking the look of an expensive sofa slipcover using simple linens I've picked up on sale and from thrift stores. Is it hard to sew with the thickness of the cloth? Filed Under: Projects, Sewing Tagged With: crafts, DIY, drop cloth, sewing, slipcovers. Then I slowly showered the bleach into my giant totes and covered them. It’s still not bright white! I bought every box of Navy Blue Rit fabric dye my local store had, removed all the sofa’s seat and back cushion covers, and washed them in my washing machine as the Rit box specified – I used three boxes total for all the covers. Your explanation is great so if I messed up it’s not your fault. That said, I doubt the canvas would get as soft with cold water as it does with hot. SUPER STRETCH: Stretch sofa covers are crafted from 85% polyester / 15% lycra fabric with small checks jacquard pattern. So, we hang dry in the basement and within a few hours they are dry enough to put back on the couch. If bleach didn't take the color out, you have wonderfully colorfast sofa colors. I have heard from several people that it makes all the difference. There’s got to be an alternative method here. Extra covers make it possible for you to keep your sofa for a longer time, and swap the look without changing the complete sofa. I do love the look, but when I read the method do it, I had to decide that it was not worth the environmental impact. and changes forever the biological and chemical balance of the aquatic environment it enters. so I’m going to try that and see how it goes! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Really, I’m not trying to lay a big guilt trip here, but that’s a lot of harmful chemical you’re dumping on a regular basis and instructing others to do the same. GREAT FIT: These slipcovers are ultra You can request samples from them free of charge! I doubt very much you can get the dye out, dyes are permanent and stay in fabrics. I had lots of problems, lol. This will allow you to identify them more quickly. I learn so much from you guys and your comments! Couch & Sofa Covers: Cotton Lounge Covers [Up To 50% Off] JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Thanks so much for posting such clear directions. I use the same process as I do with the wingback chair! The results have been varied between the two versions but they are only intended to be drop clothes so the materials aren’t necessarily consistent. Perfect for both outdoor&indoor furniture, our PU Waterproof Cushion Cover is a stylish solution that protects your furniture from pet hair, spills and stains. Anchengcraft Elastic Sofa Slipcover Spandex Couch Cover Chair Loveseat Furniture Protector Covers for Living Room, Pets, Sofa (12, 3-Seat 190-230cm(Sofa)) Brand: Anchengcraft Available from these sellers . You inspired me to bleach drop cloth. ***** I did this in an effort to dry them faster because I was getting impatient. It is pretty much totally white. As said above, weigh your stuff, and measure it all out carefully. I just wanted to inform everyone! MEASURE SIZE: Please measure your sofa before choosing our sofa slipcovers, our sofa slipcovers have 3 sizes. Right now it is a little darker than ivory! Hi, How do I remove the dye without using bleach? If you want some specific brands to dye your slipcovers, we have found out that Rit Dye , is a good brand and it’s very easy to get on Amazon. DO’S – Speaking of dimensions, the seam runs down the 12′ side, splitting it into 2 halves of 6’x9′ panels- which was the perfect dimension for the floor to ceiling windows I planned to put these curtains on. Hi Lisa, Sofa covers can be soft leather, velvet or linen. And if bleach didn't remove any color then nothing will and you're lucky using the bleach didn't disintegrate the fabric! If you have an extremely tough stain, cover it with liquid dish-washing soap and water, and then lather and rinse. They come very clean and stay soft. I know it sucks…but the alternative is to not decorate with things that cause harm to our planet. The dropcloths you recommend from Amazon, how much ironing do they require? I suspect, however, that at least the ones I received are not 100% cotton. Paused it, opened door and examined what I had in there. Was there plenty of room for the bleach to move around with the fabric? I have heard this more than once now! Would these still have light-blocking characteristics? They are green, ripped and old. 39 - $47.99 $ 47 . I wouldn’t be able to use the middle part where the seam is anyway, and if I shoved the whole thing in the washer, it would be overcrowded. That is so awesome! I don’t use bleach and don’t really know the difference between the two. McKenzie. Maybe this will help a bit. I think they changed their product and I’m so disappointed. I added it to the top of the post in the updates. . I’ve had my PB Comfort sofa and love seat with the warm white denim slipcovers for almost 7 years now. . I recently purchased a sofa with 2 small chairs and the covers have a yellow tone due to being out in a sunroom. Slip Covers 101. Once the washer is full, I add a whoooooole lot of bleach, like about a third of the bottle. So I did this panel a whole second time and finally got the spots out. I love the slipcovers you have on your sofa and loveseat. They measured 7’5″ after drying