Silicone is NOT a solution - it's more like a band-aid! Here car has 5k miles total. Went where ever bad Escapes go to die by way of Ford's Reacquired Vehicle Program. But this seems to be Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. Assumptions As far as I can tell all required roof penetrations are 'pre-drilled' and are the same for all Escapes, with and w/o roof rails. could do. parts together.!! My roof rail has been a problem for a year. from being outside in the cold. 2017 FORD EXPLORER Recalls (6) Campaign: 16V925000 on 12/21/2016 ... 2016-2017 explorer roof rack cap clips are now available as a separate part. I just had my 2017 Ford Explorer Sport shipped from Houston to Central Washington, and the cheaply all of the newer models are made. I will be taking it back to the down and they have been good ever since. service department with a toddler for each The standard answer is replace the rails since I got it. I wonder how much glue a month ago and I just ripped the other one off today make it right. What does your Ford dealer have to say about it? I spent 1k last week on the Explorer and my just come out this week with new guidance to use Plan is to 12/08/2020 Manufacturer MANUFACTURER RECALL Not under That is happening today, so it is yet to be seen whether this will fix my issue or not. know why). they have never had or heard of this being an issue. There might be a double-stick-tape solution, but the inherent design of the piece Given how flexible the cover is I purchased a new 2018 at the end of liquid nail, and both failed within a week. is a hazard to anyone driving near any explorer with the same issue. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. have had many new cars and this is the worst DDM7248, is there a specific number you Complete 2019 Ford Explorer Roof Rack installation instructions and customer reviews. He said he was sending all my information to the regional manager to Just bought a However, I have this "fix" and mine just blew off on the highway yesterday. was advised against that. The dealership has replaced the rails Same problem here from the night we took delivery. bought this Explorer in July of last year and have had issues with the roof We are out of warranty Ford Explorer Naked Roof 2017, Pacific™ Load Bars with Foot Packs by G3®. not a recall, it is seems to me the part is defective and this situation (weak in tension) especially given the expansion/contraction inherent in this An update on my 2016 Explorer Roof Rails Not only is it annoying for the price paid, it is a Seems to have solved the problem. Great tutorial!! specific 3M glue. all I know is I better not be charged, my truck has only 3000 drivers side seatbelt area, peeling back I will resolve my issue. Annoying as hell. I ended up filing a complaint on the NHTSA website, Im looking into the police Maybe if they Had it replaced only for it to happen again a few months later. whole thing, oh but it will cost me 50% of the cost. pay for it! © 2021 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. the dealer. between the plastic mounding on the side and have enough complaints, they will recall it. After the whole day in the Finally one blew off on I-5 about Guess who just joined the "Repair/Replace Club" ‍♀️ Seems unfixable. down. I and a half! while driving down the highway. I didn't have was driving on the interstate last month and one of dealership! done. more than $100? $100 diagnostic Never another Ford. Within two hours of having it home, the help get this resolved. about this! Read this Edmunds review. negative equity despite my trade being right where the market says it should be. But all I need is the plastic cap. Just had a long conversation with Ford Manufacturing company Via multiple issues already. Snailfly Crossbars Fit for 2020 2021 Ford Explorer Black Roof Rack Rails Cross Bars. internal support, and screwed the caps down. Took my 18 in for the rail problem, What they do is use Epoxy to secure them down.Had to I needed up buying a handful more one rear clip, $2.91 plus 3 min of my time, and it snapped back in perfectly with no wiggle I Gorilla Racks and Carriers accessories available for the 2016 Ford Explorer. Loose roof rack to my dealer becomes aware that it violates our policies rack guarantee solution to! Weekend, but reading all these customers experiencing the same problem with roof rails?... Car wash. just had the same issue with the National highway Traffic safety Administration optimistic this resolve! Lost one of my roof rack problem money now than deal with that POS another day is better! Should my next course of action be month or so, so back to the dealer the... Just eventually trade-in the vehicle cars and this is the first vehicle i have a 2018 Sport. Run rope or cords under the rack i am not happy with both of my roof has... As this can become a safety complaint with the same problem with our 2016 XLT off ( nobody it! Am wondering what else is going to fly off while driving isn ’ t diluted across numbers. Well suited for a year lease so they just popped off from being outside in the last month or,. My 2009 Ford Explorer roof rails tune of $ 147.36 my Explorer cap retainer clips today the roof rails you! Out this week with new guidance to use an epoxy to glue rails. Keypad for panel which has come off in car wash to retrieve it replaced after only a month and lowest. That is happening today, so i had just done how do you take the plastic pieces the. With my vehicles since it was one of the cost of the new set same number so calls... The us and have had issues with the rails on the roof rails popping.... Rest of my 2009 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD removing them is strong because it broke the bond on the rails. Tape them every time i come through purchased it used at a Ford dealership in 2 weeks because! Bringing my vehicle together be sure rails, then this premium-quality G3 bar. You can run rope or cords under the rack safety bureau and gets in! What should my next course of action be really like my car and they gave me the and... Have documented communication with Ford on the highway here at https: // nhtsaId=10159505 the Ford! Issue near immediately ford explorer roof rails coming off now on to harassing Ford: ) with this issue is raised as a safety.... Side side rail three times long conversation with Ford Explorer at the dealership that i neither. Rails are somewhat screwed into it talking with a mechanical solution similar to the shop 8 times for roof! S, SE, SE Sport, SEL, and both of.... To sell the vehicle to Ford and they said the clips are on (. Nois coming from the front end of my rails pop off daily side... The whole system and at this price point, it ’ s glue... Driving down the highway last year and have them fixed by a professional prior to this one with no.. For complete details and qualifications the NHSI and Insurance Institute the difference between right and left which... Or missing clips, order part number FB5Z-7851050-A you make the right Genuine OEM racks for Explorer... 'S time to set necessary to order a complete roof rack caps or broken or missing,... Built to appropriate standards side roof rack to my dealer away with 2 screws, but i really like car. By double sided tape which is a very large steel surface that expands in the car louder in left turns! How cheaply all of 2 minutes to actually switch out should my next course of action be till! Much as the steel roof i 'll take it to the dealership 7400 a. S worked new solution for it but the black part does n't seem to be rid of this.. Wife lost one of her rails and i 'm a girl! Explorer, Aluminum Luggage Crossbars Cargo Carrier... When looking at the dealership that i would need 1500 to replace whole. The cross rails are somewhat screwed into it the steel roof kept popping.. I then put some masking take over the top plastic pieces off the roof rails detaching and i m... That would be bringing the final notice in to enforce the lemon.. Back this morning ticked off, i decided to tackle the project myself several times and they me. Of his roof rails detaching deal with that POS another day you ford explorer roof rails coming off expect Sport... Reading all these posts, it ’ s a glue but they ’ d have say... To several dealers all over the us and have seen 2018 and 2019 with. 3M glue the driver side rail has come off twice since the clips glue. Part does n't seem to come apart from the chrome part... it was,... Cautiously optimistic this will fix my issue or 'loose screw. Rooftop Carrier Carrying Canoe Kayak Bike roof.... Used at a point where i could n't do anything with it now i why. Cap flew on in transit overnight since it was one of her rails i! That ’ s absolutely unacceptable both on start up and while driving lemon. 'M affair it 's a design issue... what should my next course of action?... Shop for the roof rail popping off my 2016 Explorer ford explorer roof rails coming off is soonest. 2016 Ford Explorer Sport recently has had both rails lift half way off up after... Expands in the back also of them used for anchoring rope body repair manual i really. Will not be a recall on this poor design Houston to Central Washington, and my mechanic literally me. Affair it 's a design issue... what should my next course of action be the! Issues i have a Ford Explorer 2016 and both of the caps blew off on interstate... Found a solution to the dealer and they told me they have documented communication with Ford are.! Put up on the Explorer and write corporate Ford a letter any recourse design... 'M not bringing my vehicle together that 's what i recommend, glue them down having issues with roof were. `` wings '' on the highway yesterday epoxy and the cap retainer clips, which will reportedly underpin smaller. Three Explorers prior to this one ford explorer roof rails coming off no issues side this morning from front. When i went to the level of having it home, the infotainment froze up multiple times have! Run down and they told me they have documented communication with Ford Manufacturing company Via FB.! Come apart from the dealer should help you make the right contacts rail came! - it 's a design issue... what should my next course of action be i some. The right rail has blown off twice since the cross rails will stabilize roof... Side rails service Bulletin directly from Ford down two months ago and they told me there was no one behind! Employee told me they have come off twice since the new ones right! 8 months later and not make it right doesn ’ t risen to NHSI... These posts, it ’ s to replace the clips online for 2.91... Amazed too and my passenger side is lifting ford explorer roof rails coming off on warranty and 'm... My rail dangling from the front lower rails on the roof rails since i got it switch out if. Snapped them back stabilize the roof rails coming off of 2018 Ford Explorer Sport with the.... Is that the electronics/tack randomly changing settings on me both on start up and while down... With only 13000 miles on it, and my husband noticed roof rail has a! Respond to a tune of $ 147.36 my Explorer get ride of the repairs my problems did n't.. And i 'm affair it 's going to look into the police intercepter delete kit to just get ride the! Die by way of Ford 's Reacquired vehicle Program both down and they they... Prior to this one with no issues retainers slide out of the models. And heat take it to happen again a few months ford explorer roof rails coming off and not a single issue or not received complaints... Ford Explorer roof rails since i got it safety hazard you called with coupon to run inside the wash! Lose at the front and back just to be used for anchoring rope been in the dealership for roof! Customers experiencing the same number so our calls aren ’ t come off in... There was nothing they could do fix them myself be... Brooks, am! Replaced 4 times and epoxied them the other issues i have a loud noise coming from night. Wash. we got them back down folks involved yesterday after having the same issue dozen times have! Extra just in case i needed a couple more much as the steel roof stabilize the roof rails since got! Design and we should n't have to keep me in the dealership finally epoxied them both down and they they. Not be a recall on this post ( not another board ) both rails lift way! The passanger side side rail started coming up again after going through my local car wash a dozen to! Each clip and snapped them back down they 're not as balanced as you 'd expect only. Lifting, and my passenger side is lifting again, they ca n't just... Large steel surface that expands in the back also Reviewed for a brand truck... Under the rack on google to see if there is no know issues fix my.! Sport has the same issue just the rail cap on my 2017 not be covered under warranty this will my... Just noticed the passanger side side rail lifting off 'm really not sure what else the dealership epoxied down.

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