For fake succulents, bend the leaves slightly for some asymmetry, as shown below. From a financial point of view, I also find faux plants to be a better home decor investment. Home / Artificial & Fake Plants That Look Real (204) items. ;) By the way, if you’re looking for suggestions on fake plants that actually look real, check out my list of faux plants that look and feel convincingly real. This flower is elegant, well made and vibrantly colored and also looks real-like. To make sure the inside circle (as shown in the last image above) is the right diameter, measure the base of your faux plant to ensure the cardboard will fit snug around it. But if you want to give the illusion that your faux plant is actually real, I’ve got a tip on how to do that using materials you probably already have in your house. Free postage. After my favorite plant died last year, I decided to do some research and talk to a handful of people who know what they're doing so I could figure out how plant succulents and keep them alive! Value: £10.00. Go that extra step to fool the eye and use real organic materials in your plant containers. The upside is that you can assemble them way ahead of your wedding, and if you mess up on your first try, you can take them apart and re-assemble to your heart’s content. A few if my very favorite brands of artificial plants are Nearly Natural and House of Silk Flowers. Fake Plants That Look as Good as the Real Thing. If so, go ahead and buy it! 5. Using materials you already have in your house. Easy tip to make faux plants look real! If there's a bit of the plant that looks super fake (while the rest looks great), see if you can easily cut that unconvincing bit off before placing it back on the store shelf. Perfect symmetry screams fake, so avoid when decorating with artificial greenery. The number one way I figure out if a plant is real or fake, isn’t by looking at the leaves; it’s by looking at the base of the plant. But if you ever want to swap out that pot or plant, it will be difficult to remove the plant once the dirt dries out. Arrange them in hanging planters or a glass terrarium for a chic look, no maintenance necessary. I personally prefer real plants but sometimes you might want to put a plant in an area of your home that just doesn’t get enough sunlight to keep the dang thing alive! Today’s faux flowers are strikingly realistic and often from afar cannot be differentiated from the real thing. Real Touch Daisy Artificial Silk Fake Flowers Home Table Decor Party Wedding. The leaves have nice color variation and it just needs light dusting to be cleaned. Artificial & Fake Plants That Look Real. Fill in With Live Plants Use our beautiful artificial flowers to brighten up your home all year round. The most work you'll ever have to put in is going over them with a dry rag or feather duster every once in a while. 50pcs Artificial Flowers Foam Rose Fake Flower Wedding Party Bouquet UK. The Lilypad Cottage. If you do happen to have a fake plant that looks plastic-y, don’t put it in the middle of the coffee table or center stage. This will keep the look “fresh and playful,” Marino notes. SORT BY: SHOP BY: 48" Dracaena Silk Plant (Real Touch) 4’ Dracaena Artificial Plant in Sand Colored Planter (Real Touch) Corn Stalk Dracaena Silk Plant (Real … Place your fake houseplants in locations that seem realistic to your plants. Fake flowers also don’t require any water, which means no spills, and most importantly they are durable and easy to transport. With exquisite artificial flower arrangements in shades of white, pink and red, floral bouquets and twigs lend a fresh touch to your room. With no root system, there is really no need for a larger container. Omg they really do look SO real! #interiordesigntips #fauxplants #indoorplants #plants #snakeplant #DIYproject #modernhome Jump To: Shop by collection. Shop all products. June 20, 2018 by Amy Daniewicz. In that case, simply place something in the bottom of your pot for your plant to sit on. Our lifelike artificial flowers and plants don't smell like the real thing, but they'll give your home a real boost. They never wilt and look fresh year after year. This simple addition will go a long way to boost believability! I did exactly that with the faux aloe shown below. And if you keep a few imitation flowers stored away, you can change them up with the seasons or brighten up a … Friends often come to me with their houseplant problems — leaves falling, sad wilting, no new growth — and they’re usually surprised to hear my diagnosis: it shouldn’t be a houseplant at all. First things first, grab your faux plant and a planter/pot. Shop all products. (You may need to cut slightly inside the line in order for the cardboard to fit inside the pot) Once it’s cut out, cut the circle in half and then cut another small circle in the middle to accommodate for the base of the leaves/stem. 7 Easy Ways to Make Fake Plants Look Real 1. If you've got the artistic chops and patience, give it a shot! Artificial & Fake Plants That Look Real. Then fit your cardboard in around the faux plant and tape the seams if necessary. Hand Paint the Stems. At any rate, to counter this prejudice, you've got to pick high-quality, fabulous looking containers for your faux plants. BUT FAKE PLANTS LOOK FAKE – DON’T THEY? Even the lobby of Architectural Digest's Times Square office fools visitors with fake greenery. It's important to not only get a close look at the coloring of the leaves and stems, but to also feel them to check for realistic texture and high quality materials. It might seem counterintuitive, but the key to making faux plants look real is mixing them in with the live plants you already have. Keep your home looking fresh all year round with artificial flowers and plants. Reply The Vickerman Artificial Ficus Bush is a great substitute for the real thing, and the trunk is made from real wood, so if it looks realistic that's because it is! Some are even filled with foam for an ultra-realistic textile quality. Artificial plants & flowers. This is particularly true of plastic plants, which can be created using molds of real plants. I don’t know how my master gardener mother (who sells plant and flowers for a living) is going to feel about this post, but I must have flowers, always, and always- and this is one inexpensive way to have them every day, so I’m sharing. Hide Filter . Value. Some people love them and some people loath them! Even if you don't consider yourself the artistic type, hear me out before you skip over this step! Despite the great advances in the production of fake flowers, some stockists do lag behind others in the realism stakes. Con artists know that the best way to sell a lie is to mix it up with a bit of truth. FAKING IT. Just like an illusionist does when performing a sleight of hand on stage, you can divert attention away from the fakery by adding something eye-catching to the mix. They never wilt and look fresh year after year. This sweet potted tree with lush raspberry undertones. Plastic Outdoor Artificial Flowers Fake False Plants Grass Garden home Tulip WR5. Keep in mind that most artificial plants will never look as good as a real plant, but there are a lot of good fakes out there. If you're going to go faux, I highly recommend that you see the goods in person before you buy, if at all possible.