1 in 5 Small Businesses Get Hacked

Threats to your business go beyond the intruders sneaking into your back door, hacking your way through your back-end system. Net Cyborg cyber security solutions can help protect your system, and protect your network and customer data from being hacked.

Every Device Is a Potential Entry Point

Think of all the ways that you, your friends, your employees, your customers & any unknown person access your network and data. Phones, tablets, computers, Wi-Fi connections, and even smart devices are all possible avenues for entering your network and sending and sending data stored by you.

Net Cyborg are certified in advanced IT and Cybersecurity solutions

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Net Cyborg Relies on Five Security Components

Managed Firewall

24/7 Managed Network Security acts as a virtual perimeter wall for your business, helping prevent hackers from grabbing or destroying data.

E-Mail Security

Scan e-mail for spam and capture malicious code before entering your network to help keep ransomware and phishing scams in your network.

Virtual Private Network

Make your firewall’s protection mobile with virtual private network connectivity to the office for remote or traveling workers.

Professional System Installation

Our cyber experts assess your security needs and establish a solution that covers your network.

Monitoring Services

Know that we are constantly protecting your business from the latest threats, and if an incident occurs, Net Cyborg is available 24x7 for you.

State Of Email Security

According to 1025 global IT decision makers and infosec professionals:

Solutions Are Available No Matter
The Size Of Your Organization

IT and security teams who work together to defend, respond and recover from disruption demonstrate true resilience.

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Small and Midsized Organizations

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